Anderson Hand Scrapers & Static Balancing Ways
Anderson Hand Scrapers & Static Balancing Ways

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A&W Precision Inc.
Manufacturers of Anderson Hand Scrapers and Static Balancing Ways 

A&W Precision, Inc was founded in 1994 with the commitment to supplying dependable metalworking tools at reasonable prices. Our hand scrapers and static balancing ways were originally developed by Anderson Brothers Manufacturing in the 1920's. We continue to offer the original designs of Anderson Brothers Manufacturing, while incorporating the best materials and processes available today. We also offer new variations to those designs with our new Micro precision Static Balancing Ways and our Tru-Checker models for dimensional inspection.
Along with the Anderson Original Solid Shank Hand Scraper, we offer the Model 5 Tubular Style Scraper. Brayers, sharpening stones and new blade angle gauges are available on our Scraper Accessories page.

The long time craft of hand scraping is an essential part of rebuilding and maintaining the accuracy and machine life of machine tools. The slow precision removal of material from a metal surface such as a machine way is greatly enhanced by the use of a quality professional hand-scraping tool.

A&W Precision manufactures the original Anderson Brothers Manufacturing machinist hand scrapers. Anderson scrapers have been the first choice of scraper hands for the past 60 years.

Static Balancing Ways

Static Balancing Ways

Static Balancing Ways are designed to detect out of balance conditions in parts such as grinding wheels, pump impellers, boat and airplane propellers, fans, flywheels, crankshafts and other rotating parts.

Anderson Original Solid Shank Scrapers
Model 5 Tubular Style Hand Scrapers

Original Solid Shank & Model 5 Tubular Style Hand Scrapers

The Model 5 Tubular Style is available in three different lengths and our Original Solid Shank comes in three different widths. We have the right scraper for your job.


Scraper Accessories

A new Blade Angle gauge, soft natural rubber brayers, Hi-Spot marking medium and hand stones can be found on our Scraper Accessories page.



Our Tru-Checker models have been designed for for checking straightness and in the inspection of run out and trueness. All frame dimensions are the same as our standard static balancing stands.
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