Anderson Static Balancing Ways

Precision is designed and built into each Anderson Static Balancing Way. Advanced engineering and expert craftsmanship, dating back to Anderson Brothers Manufacturing, assure accuracy that stands up to years of use.

The rotating alloy steel discs and their spindles are ground and polished to precision tolerances. Spindles and bushings are hardened to guarantee long life even when heavy parts are balanced. The perimeter of the discs are induction hardened and ground to provide a hard, smooth surface for detecting out of balance conditions.

Our Micro Precision Balancing Ways (MP-20 and MP-1) use narrow precision ground and hardened knife edge discs with through holes in the sides of the discs to reduce disc weight and increase sensitivity. Maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs.

Frame Styles

A-Frame models provide a stable platform for fan balancing, rotor balancing, crankshaft balancing, flywheel balancing, impeller balancing, propeller balancing, grinding wheel balancing and for many other rotating parts. Cross shafts hold the two frames upright and provide space for the part to rotate on the balancing way.

Pillow Block models are well suited for balancing long parts since the Ways can be set at any distance apart. Frames may require mounting on a raised stand to provide necessary space for your parts rotation.

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Balancing Ways Applications for Static Balancing

The following is a partial list of parts our static balancing machines are used for:

  • Shaft Balancing
  • Crankshaft Balancing
  • Fan Balancing
  • Rotor Balancing
  • Impeller Balancing
  • Propeller Balancing
  • Drive Shaft Balancing
  • Fly Wheel Balancing
  • Grinding Wheel Balancing
  • Balancing Shafts
  • Blower Balancing
  • Driveshaft Balancing

Click for Static Balancing Instructions for Impeller Balancing