Anderson Tubular Hand ScrapersThe Anderson Model 5 Tubular Scraper is crafted from seamless steel tubing to provide a light weight strong and durable scraper. The smooth rounded edges coupled with a rounded hardwood handle have made this the choice of professionals and hobbyist alike dating back to the days of Anderson Brothers Manufacturing.

Which length is best?

Each person will develop their own preferences and the key is to use the length that feels best.

Rough rule of thumb:

If your height is:

5’5″ and shorter, use the 18″ long model.

5’9″ to 6’2″, use the 18″ or 20″ long model.

6’2″ and taller, use the 20″ or 22″ long model.

Blade Type Model* Price
With High Speed Steel Blade 5-18 (18″ long) $75.00
5-20 (20″ long) $78.00
5-22 (22″ long) $83.00
With Carbide Tipped Blade 5-18-C (18″ long) $90.00
5-20-C (20″ long) $93.00
5-22-C (22″ long) $98.00

*Blades for all models are 1″ wide.

Replacement Blades Model Price
High Speed Steel 5-4 $10.20
Carbide Tipped 5A4 $40.00

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