A&W Precision was founded in 1994, after acquiring the time-tested hand scraper and static balancing way product lines from Anderson Brothers Manufacturing. A&W Precision has a commitment to supplying dependable metalworking tools at a reasonable price.

After twenty years as A&W Precision, we continue to meet our customer’s need for quality products and dependable value. The craft of hand scraping is an essential part of rebuilding, maintaining the accuracy, and increasing the life cycle of machine tools. Anderson Brothers Manufacturing static balancing ways remain a proven tool for detecting out-of-balance conditions on a wide range of rotating parts.

Our History: Anderson Brothers Manufacturing

A&W Precision manufacturers the original Anderson Brothers Manufacturing machinist hand scraper product line, which has been the first choice of professionals for nearly 100 years.

Anderson Brothers Manufacturing dates back to the early 1900s. Swan F. Anderson and two of his brothers founded the Anderson Brothers Manufacturing Company in Rockford, IL during 1916. The company began machining and manufacturing hand scrapers, before adding hydraulic straightening presses and static balancing ways in later years.

After a chance meeting between then company owner, Swan Anderson, and the creator of the famous Eskimo Pie ice cream treat, Anderson Brothers Manufacturing began manufacturing equipment designed to package ice cream products. Although the dairy industry is Anderson Brothers Manufacturing’s claim to fame, the company still continued to manufacture the original hand scrapers and static balancing ways.

In 1994, Allen Hoople purchased the hand scraper and static balancing way product lines from Anderson Brothers Manufacturing. Today, A&W Precision uses the same engineering prints developed by Anderson Brothers Manufacturing to produce its products, sticking to the original design and production quality used by its founders nearly 100 years ago.

Anderson Bros. Hand Scraper
Product Introduction, May 1921


Anderson Hand Scraper featured in 1921 Machinist publication

The Anderson Bros. Mfg. Co., 1910 Kishwaukee St., Rockford, Ill., has recently placed on the market the hand scraper here illustrated, which is provided with blades made from the same special steel as those furnished on the Anderson pneumatic scraper. It is claimed that blades made from this special steel have a high degree of hardness, hold an exceptionally keen edge, and do not scratch. The clip is notched on the inside to receive and hold the blade positively in place, and there is a lug on the rear end of the blade that prevents it from slipping back. The clip automatically tightens when pressure is applied.